Last night I was invited as a guest at a Dance Dating event.

I’m not entirely sure how successful I was at the Dating side of the equation, but I definitely enjoyed the Dance side. We had a fairly standard Salsa style lesson which was all pretty basic. Then, a first for me, the Tango. By the end of night, with a little assistance from some of the excellent teachers and one or two brave girls in safety shoes, I think I finally got it.

I’ll practice this at home to see if I can get the steps “wired in”. You never know when you might need to do the Tango!

Here is how it goes:

(for the men - ladies follow this in reverse somehow)

  • Left foot to the SIDE
  • Right foot crosses FORWARD in front of the left.
  • FORWARD - left foot, obviously, or you’d fall over.
  • TOGETHER - right foot comes next to left foot.
  • The lady can insert a wiggle thing at this point, which has some technical name I can’t quite recall. It looked good, anyway.
  • FORWARD - left foot
  • SIDE - right foot
  • TOGETHER - left foot

Easy, when you know how!

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