Fashion Show

Meant to write this up today, although I see that Paul has beaten me to it! A group of us went to the Ozwald Boateng fashion show at the Victoria and Albert museum.

It was definitely an interesting experience. Mostly I liked the clothing on show, although I suspect some of the items won’t be hitting the high street stores any time soon. My favorite items were the long brown leather coats. I’ll be having a wander round the leather shops in Camden for something similar soon. Ozwald has a shop on Vigo Street, which I may have a look at, too. I can’t imagine that clothing will be anything other than outrageously expensive.

I have a handy price guide for designer clothing:

  • Estimate what you think the item is worth.
  • Double the estimate
  • Go to the shop and expect to see prices around twice the doubled estimate.

Anyway, the fashion show was really cool and given that it was free, I can’t complain about the price. I met some friends for drinks later on in the evening, some of whom I hadn’t seen for over a year. Always good to catch up.

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