Children of Bodom

Chalking up another gig for my blog. I promise I’ll include some non-gig content soon.
Rather than another blurry gig-shot - like the Prodigy ones, here’s a photo of the ticket.

CoB Ticket

Well, at least it is different … and it isn’t blurred.

So, are Children of Bodom cool enough to get away with having such a silly name?

Most definitely, Yes!

I’d not heard of them before the gig, going along mainly on the recommendation of Tom who booked the tickets. I’ve found this can be a variable way to see a band. Sometimes it is a great introduction. Other times I’ve felt I’ve missed out by not really knowing the songs beforehand.

This time round I was pleasantly surprised. CoB turned out to be very accessible. I’d expected something near the very deepest, darkest end of the Death Metal spectrum. Understandable, I guess, given the band’s Finnish origins and the dark imagery of their website. I find it a bit hard take groups seriously when they are into all the Hate/Death/Satan stuff. That’s so teenage angsty.

However, this didn’t detract from the music in this case. Nearest familiar comparison I could think of to the band is Iron Maiden. An updated, slightly darker, growlier lyrics version of Maiden, for sure, but with the same melodic sound and some sizzling guitar soloing. CoB haven’t forgotten traditional rock, either with a Deep Purple-style keyboard vs guitar duel, and, for goodness sake, a proper Led Zeppelin drum solo.

Next stop is going to be Amazon to pick up a copy of their new album.

That is, if I can stop fiddling with
OKCupid is a singles site with mathematical leanings. The site provides all kinds of question-based tests for you to take. On completion of the test you are provided with an assessment of what your answers say about you.

Here’s mine so far:

So, “Last Man On Earth” isn’t too flattering, but then neither have any of the other possible outcomes to that test looked all that good on other people. I suspect “The Hornivore” will delight in revealing himself in the comments on this blog if he is reading.

Got to say, though, I can’t complain about being The Romantic Lover, a “Type P” and being paired off with “The Brooding Poet.” I like “The Suicide Girl”, too, if there’s any of you reading this that think you might like a “Pure Nerd”. Beware, though - In a pinch, I could kill a man if I had to!

The various tests tell me I’d like Jessica Alba, Laetitia Casta and Angelina Jolie. I think they’re onto a pretty safe bet with those predictions!

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