The Darkness - Alexandra Palace

This blog is starting to turn into a bit of a London Music Events Diary. This entry continues that trend and takes the death-speed-metal theme even further than Children of Bodom and into The Darkness.

Harder and heavier than anything you’ve ever heard before … or at least, you’d think so, given the name, but actually they are more than just a little bit camp and not even the teeniest bit “metal”.

The Darkness

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the picture above showed a large pair of floating comedy breasts. There’s a reason why it looks that way …

That reason being that it is a picture of a large pair of floating comedy breasts.

Standing inside them is the lead singer of the band, making his grand entry to the stage, having flown around it in the breasts. Definitely one of the most spectacular entrances I can remember. The stage crane mechanism that operated the breasts was also used in the finale where the singer flew over the audience Kiss-style playing his guitar.

In case you couldn’t tell, The Darkness aren’t a particularly serious band. They’re a lot of fun to watch, with theatrical flames and fireworks and a bit of chatting with the audience. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. With “The beer gut of the gods” on display courtesy of the lead singer, they couldn’t, really.

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