The Big Issue Foundation Fashion Show

I went to a charity fashion show last night in aid of The Big Issue Foundation.
Clothing on display was designed by Kea and the event was held at Tantra nightclub.

Fashion Show

In addition to the fashion show, there was also a live band, and all the usual night club things happening. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the evening …

The clothes didn’t really grab me. OK, so I’m not going to be going out wearing women’s clothing, but I’m a man, so I have opinions on what I like to see women wearing. The clothes on display weren’t bad, they just seemed boring and in some cases formless. I don’t think they did much for the models wearing them. They’d probably be a disaster on regular women.

Notably, the designer was wearing a version of one of her own designs - definitely one of the better of the collection. I remember seeing Ozwald Boateng’s show earlier in the year and he’d kept a nice blue number for himself, too. Designer’s privilege.

There are more pictures here if you want to make up your own mind about the clothing.

It seemed rather strange to be at an event held to raise money to help homeless people where so much money was being wasted on unnecessary things. People spending large sums on champagne at the bar, bands, DJs, expensive clothing, etc, etc.

I can’t see the drinks sponsors, Shark, being too happy that the waitresses were telling people that their product that they were serving for free was rival product Red Bull. More wastage.

Still, at least some good must have come out of the event including awareness being raised for The Big Issue Foundation. One of their directors gave a short talk about what they do. At least one or two people out of the couple of hundred present looked like they might have been listening. It did seem to be a bit of a self-obsessed crowd, though.

Well worth the tenner just to have a nose round one of London’s better private clubs, anyway. And it was for a good cause.

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