Canary Wharf Motor Expo

The Canary Wharf Motor Expo has made for a nice diversion from work this week. The Expo is a free motorshow featuring various brands of car, all dotted randomly around the Docklands area.

In common with pretty much every bloke on the planet, I’d have to say my favourite cars were the ones indoors in the “posh” area. Saab cars may be nice, but for sheer glamour they can’t hold a candle to Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Or this vehicle?

Little Jeep

OK, not the best car there, but more in my price range than the Aston Martins.

As motor shows go, this one’s pretty small - probably not worth the visit if you have to travel more than a couple of stops out of your way on the underground to see it. Unless you really like cars, I suppose.

The event is slightly unusual in that it isn’t held in a regular show type venue. The “posh” cars are parked indoors in the reception of One Canada Square, with the regular office workers making their way in and out of the building past them.

There are pimped Range Rovers with inconveniently large wheels and low suspension scattered all round the Jubilee Park landscaped grassy area in a somewhat surreal manner. Looks like Range Rover have given up any hope of their cars ever being used off-road again. Ugly things - for the money you could have something decent, instead.

The off-road driving demo of the Land Rovers is impressive with a pair of them doing laps of a specially built off-road circuit. Anyone really keen can queue up to be a passenger.

All of this “action” can be quite handily squeezed into a single lunch hour, and then it is back to my desk for more of the usual.

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