Human Tower

So much to write about and so noticeably little actually written. I’ve been busy since the last blog entry. Still plenty happening. I just haven’t written it all down yet. To start with here’s a picture I didn’t take which shows a Human Tower.

Human Tower

I saw this demonstrated at the Regent Street festival at the weekend. Annoyingly I can’t get my new phone to connect to my computer to download the picture, hence this one borrowed from the internet. Worse, I now have unwanted Bluetooth software installed all over my computer.

So, what else have I been up to?

Several music events, including Depeche Mode and, Lovebox Weekender

Lots of films - favourite so far probably Cars, although I also highly enjoyed Crank.

Various art events and exhibitions, including Kandinsky at the Tate Modern , Surrealism and more recently, British Modern Art at the Hayward Gallery and also the new Islamic Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Swimming at the local pool. I hope to make much better use of their facilities soon.

Re-equipping my computer with a wireless network so that I can connect with my laptop without having to carry it to my office and plug it in.

And of course there’s all the usuals - meeting up with friends, going shopping, exercising/stretching, etc, etc and not forgetting my day job, which fits around that lot.

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