London Tattoo Convention

Sometimes I decide what to write about more on the basis of how interesting the picture is, than anything to do with how interesting the event was. This picture, however, I chose to scare my Mum!

Tattoo Convention

No, Mum, relax, it’s not me in the picture! Although I guess with the spectacles it could be. It was taken by my friend Tom at the London Tattoo Convention which we attended last week.

So, what happens at a Tattoo Convention?

Well, the first thing that happens is that I stay well away from anyone with needles and a tattooing machine. I suspect that a show that one has attended out of idle curiosity on a Sunday afternoon is not the best place to have oneself inscribed with permanent markings.

After that it is mostly like any other kind of show. There are stands selling things, exhibitions, things on display, a competition … and lots of people getting tattooed.

I found these pictures of two of the winners of the competition:
Winner: Best Colour
Winner: Tribal

Not sure if I want to be permanently coloured. It would have to be something pretty special and very personal if I did. Still, it was an interesting afternoon and well worth the visit.

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