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Avenue Q

Monday, November 13th, 2006

After a bit of a break, I finally managed to pull off another Gig-Listed outing. This time the lucky venue that got to host our event was the Noel Coward Theatre, showing Avenue Q. This event also broke the record for most friends at an event with sixteen of us present.

Avenue Q Cast

So, what was our verdict on the show?


Fairground: Thrill Laboratory

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Last week seemed to be fun-fair week. It started with a trip out to Thorpe Park (Click here to read about my previous visit). I followed that up two days later with a visit to the Dana Centre’s Fairground: Thrill Laboratory event.

First off, the obligatory rollercoaster pic:


I’ve already got a Stealth pic on here, so this one’s Colossus - Thorpe Park’s record breaking loopiest coaster in the world. Credit for this excellent picture goes to Tom.

We had a great day at Thorpe Park - pretty much your standard theme park experience. They opened late, which meant we got to ride Samurai (a Mondial Top Scan ride) in the dark, for that extra funfair atmosphere.

The week’s second funfair event at the Science Museum was far from a standard event …