Avenue Q

After a bit of a break, I finally managed to pull off another Gig-Listed outing. This time the lucky venue that got to host our event was the Noel Coward Theatre, showing Avenue Q. This event also broke the record for most friends at an event with sixteen of us present.

Avenue Q Cast

So, what was our verdict on the show?

A definite thumbs up from everyone!

As you may have noted from the picture, not all of the cast are human. The others are probably not allowed to be called Muppets, though that is pretty much what they are. There’s a pretty strong Sesame Street influence, too. Even down to the Bert and Ernie homosexual references. I draw the line, however, at any insinuation that the lovely Miss Piggy could be anything like this “lady”.

The show comes with a parental advisory warning - I didn’t take my parents to see it - but is fairly light and inoffensive entertainment. Assuming, that is, that you aren’t offended by songs about racism; Bert & Ernie (aka Rod & Nicky) and their domestic situation; Trekkie Monster’s little hobby; and most importantly, what the internet is really for. Turns out it isn’t my blog, after all.

The songs are all very funny and the cast do a great job of managing the puppets and doing all the voices. I’ll be adding the Avenue Q Original Cast Recording to my Christmas wish list.

Thanks to Eva for recommending this show and for coming along to see it again with us.

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