Friday Late at the V&A

If you were quick enough, you may have read the entry on here for “Friday Late at the V&A”.
If you weren’t, then I’ll just say we had a great time.

My internet service provider would like to apologise for the fact that they destroyed the last week’s worth of entries on my website, including the Friday Late at the V&A entry. No, actually, that’s a lie. They didn’t want to apologise. In fact they didn’t even want to own up to it.

Their response was, in fact, to send me an email offering to sell me a service whereby they backup my website. Funny, that - my double glazing business sells a similar service, where for just a small fee we don’t come around your house and break all your windows.

No free link here to a dodgy service provider that doesn’t deserve it, but their name’s eUKHost if you want to know who to stay away from.

Wonder how long this entry will last before there’s another “accident”.

Anyway, to make up for the disappointment you have undoubtably suffered, here’s a bonus picture of me looking silly. This is me wearing the measuring equipment for the fun fair ride mentioned in the Dana Centre article.

Telemetry Equipment

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