London Zoo

Ooops! Another long delay since my last blog entry. And it isn’t like there’s not been anything happening in my life to write about. More like a lack of time to write about it. To start with, here’s a picture I took on a recent trip to London Zoo.


It is a shade blurry due to my poor photography efforts, but what you see there is exactly how they look at the zoo. The monkeys are kept in a special enclosure which visitors can walk through without any fences between them and the monkeys. That’s not a big monkey. It’s a tiny cute little one right up close.

I probably wouldn’t have dreamt up the idea of going to the zoo by myself, so thanks to Clare for inviting me along to help out on her Meet at Last Sunday Serendipity outing. My duties were to take the group photograph, and that was pretty much it.

So, what else have I been up to?

Well, here’s the obligatory rock gig picture:

Nine Inch Nails

That’s Nine Inch Nails just peeping through the fog at Brixton Academy. Towards the end of the set they switched the hanging lights on and swung them around. As expected, they put on a great performance and it was the perfect way to round off a weekend. I took that picture when everyone was singing along with their hands in the air - It looked much cooler when we where there, honest!

I’ve had my dose of culture this month, too, courtesy of Gilbert and George at the Tate Modern. It is a fascinating exhibition and we spent well over two hours strolling round. The videos on the website are very interesting if you want to find out more about their art.

Gilbert and George - Seed

The almost mandatory “wacky” blog entry gets pushed to just a short mention here, ‘cos we didn’t stay all that long. Enough was definitely enough at The Human Beatbox Convention. It’s one of those things that I’m sure is a lot harder than it sounds. It sounds like spluttering into a microphone, but done properly, a solo beatboxer can sing and produce a backing rhythm at the same time using just his voice.

There are some good example beatbox videos at this website in the Video section.

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