Brett Anderson

Happy Memories! My friend Eva took me to see Brett Anderson, former lead singer of Suede performing live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Brett Anderson

For me, Suede’s highpoint was the album Dog Man Star which was released in 2002. So, not exactly a bang up to the minute band, then.

Read on to find out how Brett has fared since then …

Brett appears to have aged very well. I mean, considering he’s a rock star, and all that. Surely the Hollywood Life should have left him old and wrinkly by now? Half of his earlier works were about drugs and down and out places. I especially like “By The Sea” which is about throwing in the towel and running away to live by the sea. Might try that one day.

Brett mostly performed songs from his solo career, though he threw in a couple of Suede numbers and finished with a lively Suede encore, which judging by the audience reaction was what people came for. And speaking of the audience, it was nice not to feel like the oldest person in the place, for a change. Brett’s fan base seems to be largely mid-30’s and female. No surprise, given that Eva assures me that, yes, Brett is still hot.

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