Giraffes (not Prince)

I wasn’t sure which picture to put in this blog entry. There’s plenty I could write about - I even have a decent sized selection of possible pictures I could use. I chose this one because … well, Prince wouldn’t let me take any pictures at his concert, which is what this entry would have otherwise been about …


I took this at London Zoo at the weekend which I visited with my parents. We were fortunate enough to have nice weather and had a very pleasant afternoon strolling around trying to find an animal, any animal that was actually doing something. Anything!?!

None of the animals were particularly obliging in that regard. The penguins swam a little bit; the gorillas were moving but either ambling round slowly in the distance, or hidden in close-up behind a huge horde of people pressed up against the glass; the swamp pig things were wandering around their enclosure but smelled too bad to stay and watch; the bear (we only saw one of several supposedly in the enclosure) wandered about a bit before going off to hide.

With the notable exception of the giraffes, the rest of the animals were either asleep, doing nothing, or hidden away completely. I don’t believe the zoo really has a Kimodo Dragon, for example. After all, keeping an empty cage with a few signs up must be a whole lot cheaper?

We combined our zoo trip with a trip to London’s famous Human Zoo - or Camden Market on a Sunday afternoon as it is officially known. For the full Camden experience I took my parents to Cyberdog. I’m disappointed to report that they didn’t buy themselves anything.

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