Select: A Night with Mark Titchner

Select: A Night with Mark Titchner was part of this Friday’s Late at Tate Britain night. The theme of the presentation was “the psychology of excess, control and altered states.” - sounds like a pretty normal Friday night, then.

You can read about Mark Titchner here and here.

This is an example of his work:

Mark Titchner - Be Angry

I thoroughly enjoyed the films he’d gathered together, so for the benefit of those of you who missed the event, I’ve put together a list of all the video clips he used, with links to the actual video where possible. Enjoy

Jennifer West - Naked Deep Creek Hot Springs Film

Still pics only - this video was originally part of an installation and played as an endless loop.

Pizza (Drive in Movie ad)

Atom Bomb testing in 1946

Minor Threat performing 12xu

Coffee (Drive in Movie ad)

John Latham - Talk Mr Bard
(Still pic from the video half way down page)

Jennifer West - Tar Smell Film
(still only)

John Spiteri - Omm
Couldn’t find much about John Spiteri.

Diamond Dave - Digger Poem

An interview with Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers

LSD Test on British Troops

Sharon Hayes - Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)

Screed #16 Patricia Hearst Tape
(#16 looks pretty much the same as #13, which was the one shown at the event)

John Spiteri - Can’t do that

CCTV footage of Symbionese Liberation Army robbing
Hibernia Bank in 1974

Hot Buttered Popcorn

Stairway to Heaven (Backwards with lyrics)

Not the same film but same sort of thing.

John Latham - Britannica
Still pic only - the original is an amusing idea but pretty dull to watch for six minutes.

George Barber - Videohigh

Paul Sharits - Razor Blades
Couldn’t find Razor Blades but this one’s very similar. Razor Blades is 25 minutes and projected onto two screens next to each other.

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