In case you’d been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, this month, my work took me to Dublin, where I’ve just spent three weeks working on a project for Bank of Ireland.

Dublin Customs House

Of course it wasn’t all work, work, work …

I found plenty of time after work to visit the cinema, for example. I ticked off some very “worthy” films (as well as the slightly less “worthy” I Am Legend.) including American Gangster, Lust/Caution and No Country For Old Men, which played to a completely sold out cinema. Sad to say, though, that while I appreciate the work that went into these films, they all left me just a shade cold.

I also spent a pleasant weekend looking around town. I caught up with an old friend, who lives there, too. I took plenty of photographs but they all came out a bit grey. Which summed up the weather nicely.

My favourite place that I visited there was the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I especially liked the various video installations that they had.

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