I recently bought myself a drawing board so that I could do some pencil drawings from the comfort of my sofa. Here is how the most recent one came out:

Patrick Cox Shoe

I’ve altered the colours slightly so that the picture shows up better on the web. The original is in light pencil. The picture is sketched from the left shoe of my pair of Patrick Cox snake skin shoes.

Turns out I’ve owned them for quite a long time, although they’re still looking reasonably decent as I keep them for special occasions.

So, why shoes?

I think shoes make great drawing subjects for several reasons. They tend not to have simple regular shapes. They are usually textured and they also gain character as they wear in (or out, in my case).

This one’s from 2007:

Lizard Skin Boot

This is a lizard skin boot from the rather cheekily named R.Soles on the Kings Road. The owner has yet to tire of the incredibly unfunny “Welcome to R.Soles” that he greets customers with.

The drawing is again in pencil, although this time is photographed from the sketch, rather than scanned in on a scanner.

This one’s another not very good scan of a light pencil drawing. It shows the view from my sofa looking into the hallway.

Living Room

This one’s old, but is a decent scan, so I have included it here:

Dummy Study 3

I feel that copying from a picture is a bit of a cheat, so I rarely do it. The above drawings are all from real life. That said, on one of the few occasions when I did copy from a photo the end result was probably one of my better drawings:

Woman From Photo

My version seems a little plumper than the photo version. Oh dear!

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