I’ve always wanted to play the drums but never really gave the idea any serious thought as they’re one of the least practical musical instruments ever. Large, noisy and require the use of all four limbs to play, so couldn’t possibly be easy to play, could they?


Not that I’d let the third fact put me off, but living in a flat in London, the first two factors are pretty significant.

The solution?

Electronic drums! They don’t require a large resonant cavity to make a sound. In fact they make very little sound on their own, requiring headphones or an external amplifier to make proper drum sounds. Both problems solved in one go.

As for the third, drums requiring serious coordination and a sense of rhythm to play, it seems that years of musical training whilst I was growing up haven’t gone entirely to waste. Aside from giving me a deep appreciation of all kinds of music it has meant that within a very short space of time I have been able to sit down at the kit and bash out pretty reasonable beats.

OK, so I’m not yet Cozy Powell. In fact I haven’t quite been able to play anything involving my left foot and faster music leaves me behind. However I was pleasantly surprised at how good I was after very little practice and hope to improve as I practice more.

Next purchase will be a proper drum throne to use instead of the kitchen chair.

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