London Sightseeing

My parents came to visit last weekend, so while they were here we did some local (for me!) sight seeing.

Tower of London

Here are a few of the pictures I took that I especially liked…

Hayward Gallery Blobs

The blobs were part of the Walking In My Mind exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I couldn’t get a picture of my favourite part of the exhibition as photography wasn’t allowed indoors. So, if you haven’t seen it for yourself you’ll just have to imagine the walk-through cave system made out of parcel tape.

Hayward Gallery Seagull

The seagull was also part of a sculpture in the exhibition.


Maintaining the ornithological theme with a picture of an eagle, I can’t actually remember where I took this. Somewhere near Westminster Bridge, I think?

Tower Bridge

This picture of Tower Bridge was taken from inside the Tower of London.

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