Gumball 3000

This is the car I’d always wanted. It is a Ferrari F40. I liked it so much growing up that I had a dusty Airfix model of it on my bookshelf.

Ferrari F40

I took this picture at the start of the Gumball 3000 rally in London. The original picture was a little messy, so I used a photo-editing package (The GIMP - an excellent free tool) to remove the background and rotate the car to level it up a little.

There were all sorts of weird and wonderful vehicles to see at the event …

This is one of my favourites - An ambulance Ferrari. I still don’t think that’s going to let them get away with speeding, though!

Ferrari Ambulance

Keeping with the emergency services theme was the Fire And Rescue Team pickup truck:

Fire And Rescue Truck

And in case you are feeling especially slow today, here’s a detail to finally hammer home the “joke”:

Fire And Rescue Truck (Detail)

I was especially amused by the Lamborghini with a roof rack. Well, it is a three week event driving half way across the planet, so you need somewhere to put your stuff, I guess. The rear of a Lamborghini is mostly full of engine, so without the roof rack you’re pretty much restricted to what you can fit in the glove compartment.

Lamborghini Roof Rack

Lamborghini Roof Rack

I couldn’t get a decent shot of the Batmobile, so here’s a rubbish one just to say I saw it:

New Batmobile

And here’s how Batman used to roll, back in the fifties:

Old Batmobile

We weren’t sure at the time, in fact we thought it highly unlikely, but it turned out that this really is famous American skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk

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