Harrier and Jaguar

I took these pictures today of Fiona Banner’s Harrier and Jaguar at Tate Britain.

Tate Britain Jaguar

Tate Britain Harrier

I also saw the Rude Britannia exhibition of British Comic Art while I was there, which I highly enjoyed. It was nice being able to visit on a weekday when it wasn’t busy.

Here’s another cultural event I snapped on my iPhone, whilst out enjoying the fantastic weather we’ve been having. Not a great picture but a good example of the sorts of weird things that go on in London. This is a dance show where the audience sit on reclining chairs beneath a transparent stage.

Transparent Stage

I’m only just starting to get used to the fact that I’ve now got a phone with a built in camera, which means I pretty much always have a camera with me. I took this one in a combination of amusement and disgust at the prospect of waiting for a long time at the Post Office.

Take A Number

This time I was lucky - I was able to use the self-service weigh and post machine after only a short wait.

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