Banqueting House

This is Banqueting House in London, site of the execution of Charles I in 1649.

Banqueting House

I visited there by chance with my Mum as we were passing by on our way to see the Watercolours exhibition at Tate Britain. We received an impromptu history lesson plus the opportunity to take some photographs with my new Nikon D5000 DSLR camera. Hopefully the quality of the photography on this blog will be improving over the coming months.

This is a view of the main banqueting hall:
Banqueting House

This is the throne at the end of the hall:
Banqueting House

This is a view of the ceiling plus closer views:
Banqueting House Ceiling
Banqueting House Ceiling Detail
Banqueting House

This is the basement where the “tour” begins with a short video about the history of Banqueting House:
Banqueting House Basement

This is the outside of the house:
Banqueting House Exterior

A little further down the road we came upon a demonstration in progress. It was a little noisy but non-violent. Apparently the protesters made the news later on in the evening.


And finally, I couldn’t resist taking a quick London Eye photo:
London Eye

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