Mojito Project

I decided that home cocktail making is a skill that no gentleman should be without. The Mojito, seemed like an excellent place to start, bringing back happy memories of drinking cocktails on the beach in Mexico.

Mojito v2.1

Read on to find out what went into the making of the delicious looking concoction you see above…

In fact the preceding picture is actually attempt number three at producing this cocktail.

Attempt number two hadn’t been bad but I decided afterwards that I could get a better photograph. This project started off being about the cocktails but I also used this opportunity to see if I could get some better pictures out of my new camera, too.

In the end I was delighted with both the taste of the finished product and the photograph I took of it.

This is my second attempt at making the Mojito. I think it needed a little more sugar in it and more mint leaves. Photo’s rather bland, too.

Mojito v2.0

This is attempt number one at the Mojito and the accompanying mess in the kitchen.

Mojito v1.0

At this stage I didn’t have a sensible way to make crushed ice so I used ice cubes instead. Shouldn’t make much difference, right? Well, unfortunately not. Using ice cubes instead of crushed ice means that one uses so much soda water to top up the glass that the ingredients become diluted to the point of tastelessness.

Lesson learned. Solution acquired.

Also, the cocktail shaker seen in the background should not have been used to make this cocktail. Although I’ve seen several bartenders in London who do use the shaker, the gentleman behind the bar at LAB Bar (London Academy of Bartenders) made mine properly straight in the glass when I was there this weekend.

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