Top Gun - Secret Cinema

Yesterday I went to Future Cinema Presents California Classics - Top Gun.

Top Gun Big Screen

This wasn’t simply a case of showing up at a cinema to watch a film, though …

This event was announced as being held at a secret location. Nearer the date this conveniently (for me, at least) turned out to be Canary Wharf amongst the docks. Participants were instructed to dress appropriately for the film - uniform, sunglasses, etc for Top Gun, or vampire outfits for Saturday’s film, The Lost Boys.

In keeping with the theme of the two films, a beach and boardwalk had been set up at the docks:

Top Gun Boardwalk

There were lots of “extras” around setting the scene. Here are some of the officers:

Top Gun Officers

We also had Tom Cruise (near enough, anyway!) riding round on his motorbike, complete with Charlie from the film on the back. Later on Tom and Goose lead the audience in a rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, picking up a lady from the audience on his motorbike in a scene straight from the film.

We also had air marshalls waving in aircraft - real ones from nearby City Airport. Naturally they were ignoring the marshalls. Best of all though, during the sad part in the film when Goose dies there was a funeral procession carrying his coffin. Haven’t decided if that was tasteless or funny, but couldn’t stop laughing at the time.

This was my favourite moment of the day - me getting a dressing down for not having my shirt tucked in and my top button undone!

Top Gun Drill Instructors

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon watching a cheesy movie with several thousand other fans of the film. Lots of people really got into the spirit of the event and people were very friendly. When I’d first bought my ticket I’d thought it was a little expensive at £20 but having seen the effort that the organisers put in to make this event special I think that was great value for money. Will definitely go and see whatever film comes next.

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