Kinetica 2012

Adrian in Mirror

This is an unedited photograph of me showing my reflection in a moving distorting mirror. I took it at this year’s Kinetica Art Fair.

The light wasn’t great for taking pictures, and there were crowds of people there, too, so I only took a couple …

This was one of my favourite exhibits - very much like one of those children’s marble roller coaster toys:


There are videos of the artist’s sculptures in action on his website here.

This is a giant digit that flips through the numbers as the chain is pulled through the pulley system. It takes a lot of pulling to change the number, though.


These are the Philharmonic Lights, which play music and illuminate in time with the music.

Philharmonic Lights

I didn’t get pictures of everything, but also enjoyed the short video on the Cosmic Dancer sculpture, which you can read about here. Frankly, I’d have thought more loose objects, especially ones with hard edges, would be the last thing you’d want in a space station, but what would I know, having only been on board one once?

You can see pictures from my previous visit to Kinetica in 2010 here.

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