Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Apocalypse

Here I am fresh from a recent encounter with the undead. I have no idea what has happened to my nose in that picture - perhaps that’s one of the first symptoms of the zombie virus and now my brain is going to start slowly rotting away?

This picture was taken at Zombie Apocalypse which was a very thoughtful 40th birthday present from my brother and his family. I say thoughtful … although I’m not sure what thoughts made him think sending me off to be eaten alive was a good idea!

This is what happens when zombies attack.

Zombie Bite

Or, not. It’s strange little bruise from being shot with an airsoft rifle whilst practicing on eachother in preparation for the zombie assault. I also managed to get shot in the neck with a paintball pellet, which is still sore now.

Zombie Targets

As these targets show, I’m not a particularly good shot. Let’s hope my skills aren’t ever needed for real!

Zombie Certificate

Fortunately (and expectedly!) I survived my day and here is my certificate to prove it. A fun afternoon out and a great birthday present!

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