Gig List

The Gig List is a little side project of mine for making going to gigs more entertaining. I like going to pop concerts, festivals and various events. One thing I have noticed is that it always seems like more fun to go with a group of people. It is nice having friends around to share positive experiences with - assuming you count standing around for an hour or so being subjected to the variable quality of The Mars Volta as a positive experience, that is!

I have put together an informal email list of people who I go to gigs and events with. Nothing too complex, just a group entry in my email address book. When events come up that look like fun, I send an email round to see who is interested. Then I coordinate the replies so that I can make a group booking for tickets.

Now that I’ve gone all flash with my personal blog site, I have decided to automate the list subscription process. This also results in the Gig List being open to anyone who happens to pass by on the internet. Well, hey, I like meeting new people. The more, the merrier.

The instructions are really simple - stick your email address in the box below, then press the Join button. Your email address will then be sent to me for inclusion on the Gig List. Next time something’s going on you’ll be first to know about it!

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