Bead Game Prototype

This is a prototype for a game idea I had, written in Unity. Unfortunately it didn’t look like it was going to turn into anything fun to play so I didn’t take it any further. That said, I had fun programming it and learned some new things in the process.

Bead Game Screenshot

Use the mouse to click and drag the blue and white connected string of beads onto the background picture. Although the game won’t tell you when you’ve “won” the aim is to match the pattern shown. When you drop a dragged bead it will snap onto the square you have dropped it onto.

Click on the image above to play the game in your browser.

Although I don’t think the end result is much of a success, it was still valuable finding out early that this idea wasn’t going to work well, rather than after spending months developing it. Unity made prototyping the game relatively easy, although getting the drag and drop to work (with snapping!) caused a few minor problems.

Snapping is implemented using spring joints that are enabled if/when a bead is dropped over a target. The beads are held together by distance joints, which according to the documentation should keep them a fixed distance apart, although that doesn’t seem to have happened in practice.

I would have liked to colour the joints between the beads as I think being able to see the connections might have made the game easier to play. However, I don’t think it was going to fix the fundamental problem that it’s too easy to get all tangled up in a horrible frustrating mess. Not the tactile zen-like puzzle solving experience I was aiming for!

Hint: The left hand bead in the string goes in the bottom left corner.

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