Spaceship Dogfight

Spaceship Dogfight was a very quick project I put together in Unity to familiarise myself with how Unity works.

Spaceship Dogfight

Click on the image to play the game

Fly your spaceship with the cursor keys.
Fire your weapon with the left Ctrl key.

Right-click and choose Full Screen to fully appreciate the graphics. Press Escape to go back to normal.

Background graphics generated by Alex Peterson’s Spacescape.
Spaceship models and textures were from
Other assets, including the engine exhaust particles were from the Unity Standard Assets.

I enjoyed making this little demo. It was quick and (mostly) frustration-free. There’s not much gameplay in the end result but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to add little touches like engine trails and explosions, which bodes well for developing larger projects in Unity.

I first imported the ship models into Blender after downloading them from the above site. This causes a few problems with Blender’s coordinate system being different from the one Unity uses. The easiest solution seems to be to model as normal in Blender, then rotate the model just before exporting it into Unity.

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